News about the new Nikon mirrorless camera are overwhelming all pro and amateur photographers. 

Yet, they tell us NOTHING!

Nikon is putting a lot of efforts into teasing campaigns to warm up the community before the launch of its new mirrorless camera. As a marketer, I admit their marketing strategy of showing-not-showing is very smart. Although it is slightly banal in the world of technology.

Nonetheless, the curiousity of photographers is getting aroused till paroxism and Nikon is regularly providing some small pieces of information to prevent us from getting frustrated and bored. The latest additional clue of how the new mirrorless camera will be is in this video.

The clip gives out a little more about the shape of the camera. In fact, it is evident which mount Nikon intends to adapt on the new mirrorless. The images clearly outline the inheritance of the organization’s acclaimed F-mount focal point mount. This is indeed the first occasion in which we could see such an unmistakable layout of the new camera and the new focal point mount.

However, towards the end of the clip we get to understand that the mount will actually change…

So the video gives us only an idea of what we can hope to see in the new mirrorless camera. And not even an accurate idea…

So we are getting super teased with minuscule pieces of information at a time which are not even relevant to the upcoming product… 

Resultantly an avalanche of speculations is spinning around the web. Some seem to indicate that the new focal point mount will be larger than the F-mount, and rules the front of the new camera. Others dare to get more specific stating that new Nikon mirrorless camera mount will be 55mm wide (the F-mount is 44mm) with 11 contacts (the F-mount has 10).

Who knows what is actually being planned in the firm. Let us just hope that Nikon does not exaggerate with teasers and give us soon some concrete and accurate information.

-Victoria Schaal

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