United Kingdom: BPA QUALITY (Industry: Marketing and Customer Support Solutions)

United Kingdom: ABEL&COLE (Industry: Bio and Organic Agriculture)

Netherlands: PHOTOCHAIN (Industry: Stock Photography)

Italy: VALORIZZALA! (Industry: Housing Renovation and Selling)

Italy and France: VENISE-ALACARTE.FR (Industry: Luxury Tourism)

Ukraine: DEPOSITPHOTOS (Industry: Stock Photography and Digital Content)

United Kingdom: WORTH SOCIETY (Industry: Worthian Alumni Network)

United Kingdom: EXETER UNIVERSITY (Industry: Exeter Alumni Network)

Italy: FRANCESCA ZUCCHIATTI (Industry: Literature)

Italy: SAVE-MISURINA (Industry: NPO for Dolomites Environmental Conservation)



Ghana: Forbes Africa (Industry: News, Publishing)

Ghana: CNBC Africa (Industry: News, Television)

Ghana: Belfast Africa (Industry: Luxury Hospitality)

Ghana: La Villa Boutique Hotel (Industry: Luxury Hospitality)

Ghana: OLMA Colonial Suites (Industry: Luxury Hospitality)



Oman & United Kingdom: The Business Year (Industry: Media, Publishing)

Oman: iDEA Design (Industry: Marketing, Design)


Malaysia, USA, Europe: INMAGINE GROUP (Industry: Creative Technology)

Malaysia: 123RF (Industry: Stock Photography and Digital Content)

Malaysia: STOOGES FC (Industry: Semi-Professional Football)

Malaysia: PIXLR (Industry: Professional Photoediting Software)

Australia: CLIMATEPIX (Industry: Stock Photography, Climate Change Endeavours, Charity)

Australia: CAPSULES BOOKS (Industry: Art, Publishing)



Canada: RACHEL LERCH PHOTOGRAPHY (Industry: Photography, Vlogging, Youtubing)

Martinique: ORIGINAL VISION (Industry: Commercial Video Advertising Agency)

Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana: CREATIV3 (Industry: Advertising & Communication Agency)

Guadeloupe, Guyana, Quebec: AGENCE MARGARITA (Industry: Advertising & Communication Agency)

Martinique: SPRING VOYAGES (Industry: Travel Agency)

Martinique: OBYTED (Industry: Jewellery)

Martinique: HAPPY DAYS IMMO (Industry: Holiday House Rental)

Martinique: LE POTAGER DE FORT-DE-FRANCE (Industry: Gardening)

USA: SHUTTERSTOCK (Industry: Stock Photography and Digital Content)

USA: ISTOCK by GETTY IMAGES (Industry: Stock Photography and Digital Content)

USA: ADOBE STOCK (Industry: Stock Photography and Digital Content)

USA: SAATCHI ART (Industry: Fine Arts Art Gallery)

USA: AMAZON (Industry: E-commerce, Affiliations and Publishing)

USA: DREAMSTIME (Industry: Stock Photography and Digital Content)